A Healing Place Rebrand
Why "FG" Campaign
Coffee, Contracts & Closings Podcast
Website Redesign
Redesign of Fulton Grace's website home page.
I designed the marketing materials (print and digital) for SECC's (South East Chicago Commission) Symposium event.
FG Company Brochure
One of our many company brochures that I designed.
"We Sell" Campaign
The “We Sell” campaign splashes color across the city of Chicago in the form of Billboards, bus benches, window wraps and digital ads.
Branding and design for Fulton Grace's Boost program.
Logo designs for various real estate agents and developments.
Event Invites
Event graphics created for company parties.
Fulton Grace REBRAND
Fulton Grace went through an extensive rebrand in 2018.  I was in charge of taking the new brand and refreshing all of our old designs.
2345 W North
Development marketing materials for 2345 W North. The campaign included branding, brochures, large scale banners, website design, and email marketing.
Fulton Grace Realty
I helped take Fulton Grace Realty's designs from just a logo to the wide sweeping marketing materials that we currently offer to all our real estate agents.
Farmer's Market
I have created the branding and designs for the Hyde Park Farmer's Market for the past few years. These are samples from 2018.
Downtown Hyde Park
Marketing materials for Downtown Hyde Park. Includes posters, pole banners and social media graphics.
Chicago Business Opportunity Fair is an annual event which requires a variety of new designs each year. I have helped create marketing materials for CBOF since 2012.
FGR Office Design
Layout and Interior design for an office.
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